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Wer hat Lust, in den Ferien ein Trainingsspiel gegen eine dänische Mannschaft durchzuführen? Bei Interesse bitte melden (s.u.).

"My name is Patrick and i'm writing to you because we are a danish volleyball team from Elsinore, who are going to Hamburg 16.3.18 to 18.3.18. 
We want to play a friendly match against a team from Hamburg, but we don't know any clubs. Could you give us a few clubs you think would play against us?
We are a small team and don't have a high level. We all began playing 2 year ago. We would like to play a match saturday 17.3.18 about 12.00-16.00 o'clock. 

We really need help to find a club, so we hope you could help us.

Thank you very much! 

Best regard
TD Volleyball Helsingør /Patrick Michel (

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